Dear Friends

The world is becoming increasingly complex and volatile. Since 2020, we all have been made to face an aspect of life that was undreamt of before it happened. The pandemic had all 7.5 billion of us locked away for several months, unable to do anything. We were scared, worried for ourselves and our loved ones and most of all, we felt helpless in the face of a global disaster that was upon us. Since then, life has tried to return to normal but the normal, it now appears, is not what it used to be.

Today, the world is even more unpredictable, and conflicts at all levels are rising. From the local disturbances in the forms of thefts, home invasions and riots to Russia Ukraine War and increasing temperatures up to 50 degrees due to climate change, the world around us is becoming more and more dangerous by each passing day.

They say humans are the only species that have the capability to take action to save themselves from a major disaster. I have decided to utilize the experience and capabilities that we have built over the years to provide personal safety and defence to those who are ready and willing to fight for their loved ones and keep them protected in face of a local or global disaster.

With this, we present to you Shoolin Systems, our brand that offers products ranging from Hyper Security Doors to Safe Rooms that are impenetrable spaces inside your house to Underground CBRN Shelters, where your family can be safe and secure in case of a major Level 3 disaster like war. We also provide prepping supplies as people generally have no idea about how much of what they would require for survival. Also, we provide personal defence and 360 degree automated home security solutions to protect your home on a day to day basis.

Personal protection is going to become a way of life in the near future and we are there with you in your effort to keep your family and yourself safe from harm. In the event of a disaster of any kind, big or small, the prepared are better equipped with resources they need to persevere. The unprepared are at the mercy of others or are likely to resort to scavenging or violence to not to succumb to the environment around them.

If history is any indicator and the present world is any sign of things yet to come, failing to prepare is preparing to fail. There may be a time when your lights are off, the water is unfit to drink or the air or weather outside is unsafe for you. Whatever the disaster that occurs, you have to take the steps now to survive it. And we are there with you every step of the way.

Be Safe and May God have mercy on us all

Jitender Marwah