SHOOLIN SYSTEMS CONSULTING GROUP is a venture promoted by Mr Jatinder Marwah, who has owned and operated several engineering manufacturing companies since 1975, over more than past 4 decades serving various industry sectors. The company has a network of established and qualified suppliers who are able to manufacture and supply various parts and assemblies required for the products as per the specifications of SSCG.

The company has contracts with established manufacturers globally for procurement of proprietary and high technology equipment that are used in their products. In addition, SSCG maintains a reliable network of quality service providers that provide support services such as excavation, erection and commissioning, third party audits as per international specifications and transportation and delivery etc. As such we are able to provide solutions to our customers on a turnkey basis where all the support activities are handled through us and customer has a single window for their complete project.

Our effective and efficient management team based in Delhi is responsible for proper project planning and coupled with our efficient supply chain, ensures a 95% on time delivery rate for our products.